Thursday, May 23, 2013

We Have Seen The Enemy, And It Is Us...

... or rather, our government. Yes, I'm talking about the recent scandals, namely the improper political targeting of conservative groups by the IRS and the attempt by the Administration to eviscerate reporting hostile or potentially hostile to the Administration.

It is no mystery why CBS reporter Sheryl Attkisson had her computer hacked by the FBI--she was a key reporter in the investigation of the Fast and Furious program designed to arm Mexican drug cartels. The Administration has made not secret of disliking Fox News, so it is no surprise that the Administration would target Fox News reporters for investigation--what is surprising is that they are trying to argue that an investigative reporter, doing their job of reporting on what our government is doing, is a "co-conspirator" to violate anti-espionage laws. Fortunately, for the public, this targeting of journalists has largely backfired--making the impossible, possible. The major news media is now taking a serious look at, and reporting on, other scandals.

Probably the most serious one is the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS prior to the last election. It is obvious to even the left that it influenced the election. Beyond fiscally conservative groups, the IRS apparently decided to try and influence the "cultural war" by picking on pro-life groups.

What to make of this? I've described how it is breakdown of the rule of law. But it further demonstrates (as if we shouldn't have already known) that the government has ceased to be politically neutral. Just as the "bailouts" and "stimulus" were attempts by the government to supersede the market in selecting "winners and losers" by favoring certain companies and industries over others, these scandals demonstrate a government that has decided to play a hand in selecting the "winners and losers" in socio-political issues. And if you are part of the 50% chosen to be "losers," the government's stance toward you has been made crystal clear.

The only reasonable way to do this is to reign the beast in. Painful as it may be, we need to take the financial incentive out of a group or person having the federal government in their pocket. Government needs to learn that it is the servant, not the master. A few proposals in this direction would be to repeal the 16th Amendment, which allowed the government to collect the income tax. By taking away the government's money, there would be less of an incentive to subvert government. Also, repeal the 17th Amendment, which provided for the direct election of senators. This would help restore the balance of power between the states and the federal government. The Commerce Clause also needs to be narrowly construed or amended to give it a limited application. The federal government was never meant to be the public's sugar daddy or big brother, and the Progressive's modifications and reinterpretations of the Constitution to make it so need to be reversed.

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