Friday, May 3, 2013

Those Who Fail To Study History Are Doomed To Repeat It

I don't know if I have the saying correct, but it applies in this case. You may remember that Dick's Sporting Goods had, after the Sandy Hook shooting, decided to stop selling AR style firearms--even going so far as to cancel orders that had already been placed and accepted by the Company. The backlash has been severe:

Following the Newtown shooting spree, Dick’s Sporting Goods changed their policy and stopped selling AR-pattern and other semi-automatic, magazine-fed rifles, even the guns they had already sold.
If there’s a silver lining for all the people who were eagerly waiting for that Troy Carbine and were vastly dissappointed, it’s that Dick’s isn’t doing so well in the financial department.
At a time where the only thing a company has to do to sell firearms, ammo and accessories is to unlock their doors, Dick’s sales have flat-lined. In fact, their sales dropped 2.2 percent  in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to 2011 and their shares 10 percent in the last quarter.
They apparently failed to remember how Smith & Wesson came within a hair's breadth of folding in the 1990s after its owners decided to accede to demands by anti-self-defense types as to the distribution and sale of firearms. S&W wound up losing most of its value, and was only saved because it was bought up by a new owner who repudiated the prior anti-self-defense agreement.

Companies too often take the political right for granted. They assume that no matter how much abuse they pour onto us, that we will continue to buy their products. Hopefully they can be dissuaded of this in the future.

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