Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This Won't End Well

Yesterday, I had noted that the Russians plan on supplying Syria's Assad with some of its most capable anti-aircraft missiles. Today, the Washington Examiner reports that Obama is considering imposing a no fly zone over Syria to assist the rebels. From the story:

With Europe pushing to arm the anti-government rebels in Syria and President Obama reportedly seeking plans for a no-fly zone over the war-torn country, the United States is inching closer to intervening directly in a conflict in which more than 70,000 people have already died.

White House officials insist that Obama has made no decision on providing arms to the Syrian rebels or establishing a no-fly zone there, saying all options remain on the table. But recent developments are ratcheting up the pressure on the president to use American force to help end the two-year-civil war.

The European Union voted to lift its arms embargo on the Syrian opposition, hoping the sign of unity would bring Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime to the negotiating table. At the same time, however, Russia vowed to provide Assad's regime with advanced missiles, stoking fears of more violence in an already hostile region. And Israel said it would strike down such air defense missile systems if they were delivered to Syria.
The Nobel Peace Prize winning Obama seems to be focused on creating a legacy of war and destabilization in the Middle-East. 

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