Monday, May 20, 2013

Discovery of Coins Suggest Australia Discovered 600 Years Earlier

Another article from the Daily Mail. This one indicates that 5 copper coins have been found in Northern Australia dating from around 900 A.D. and are believed to have originated in Africa. (The writing on the coins appear to be in Arabic to me).

Lead researcher, Australian scientist Ian McIntosh said the coins were first discovered by soldier Maurie Isenberg in 1944.

Isenberg was stationed on the Wessel Islands - an uninhabited group of islands of the north coast of Australia - during World War II and he found the coins buried beneath the sand.

In 1979, Isenberg sent the coins to an Australian museum and now McIntosh wants to investigate how they arrived on the island.

Isenberg also marked the location the coins were found on a map using an 'X'.

At the same time, Isenberg found four coins that came from the Dutch East India Company, dating back to 1690.

This discovery supports claims that Dutch explorers discovered the island before Captain James Cook in 1770.

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