Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Samurai Bishop and the Boston Manhunt

A Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop helped a neighbor woman escape a Tuesday morning attack by a man who had been stalking her.

Kent Hendrix woke up Tuesday to his teenage son pounding on his bedroom door and telling him somebody was being mugged in front of their house. The 47-year-old father of six rushed out the door and grabbed the weapon closest to him -- a 29-inch high carbon steel Samurai sword.

He came upon what he describes as a melee between a woman and a man. His son stayed inside to call 911 while he approached the man along with other neighbors who came to help. The martial arts instructor didn't hesitate in drawing the sword and yelling at him to get on the ground.
The attacker fled and, later, surrendered to police.

You might not think that there is any connection between this and the Boston manhunt for the Marathon Bombers, but there is by comparing the reactions of citizens.

Michael Walsh writes that Bostonians should be ashamed of how the man-hunt was prosecuted. He says:
Enough with all the chest-thumping, mingled with manly tears, about the dramatic end of the Marathon bombers’ reign of terror in Boston last week. From the press coverage, you’d think the entire city (which is actually rather small) rose up as one and smote two evil Chechens a stunning blow for truth, justice, liberty and the American Way. Nothing could be further from the truth.
What we saw instead was a city cowering in fear, led by two particularly pusillanimous toads in Gov. Deval Patrick and Mayor Mumbles Menino, who had the services of some 10,000 armed personnel — literally, a small army — to take down… wait for it… a wounded teenager with a gun, and maybe some self-detonating explosives.

Way to go, Boston. You’ve made all of us proud to be Americans.
He contrasts Boston with the reaction by Russians to the Chechen slaughter of school children at Beslan:
But don’t you wish, just once, an American public official would react like a man? A man, say, like this guy, who said this about the Chechens after they attacked a school back in 2004. WARNING: offensive, ethnically biased stereotyping ahead:
“You find it possible to set some limitations in your dealings with these bastards, so why should we talk to people who are child killers? 
“No one has a moral right to tell us to talk to child killers,” he added.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but Margaret Thatcher, whom I’ve met more than once said: ‘A man who comes out into the street to kill other people must himself be killed’.”
Now, that’s some real straight talk about murdering, child-killing bastards.
Walsh adds:
Note that, when the Russian military finally stormed the school, they were accompanied by armed residents of the village, desperate to save their children. In typical ham-handed Russian fashion, the former Soviets managed to kill almost as many people as they saved — but the point is they fought back. They didn’t “shelter in place” (what an odious, bloodless phrase for enforced institutional cowardice), hiding behind locked doors; they got up, got their guns, and finally did something to rid themselves of the aliens in their midst. For they knew — with the example of the Moscow theater crisis fresh in everybody’s minds — that there was no way this atrocity could end any way but bloodily. They wanted to get their licks in, and die like men instead of dumb beasts waiting for the slaughter.
He concludes:
So congratulations, Boston. In a state with some of the “toughest” gun laws in the country – and by “toughest” I mean unconstitutionally restrictive — a legislature completely conrolled [sic] by Democrats and a congressional delegation that includes a grand total of zero Republicans, it was somehow not surprising that the Chechens chose one of the few places in the United States where a) the people could not and would not fight back and b) the media would find them sympathetic. Heck, even the UN agrees with me… sort of.

I’ve long said that the relationship between the American Left and Islam is that of masochist and sadist; the perfect Suicide Cult meets the Death Cult of its dreams. No wonder they got along so well together, right up to the moment when they didn’t.
So, what the two stories--the katana wielding Mormon bishop and Boston man-hunt--have in common are the differences. In one, the Mormon bishop took up arms to confront evil, and in the other, politically correct politicians had disarmed the populace and had them cower in fear from the evil. 

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