Friday, March 15, 2013

The Positions of Pope Francis

ANSA published a brief summary of positions taken by Pope Francis when he was still Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Buenos Aires. It won't make the liberal progressives too happy. It includes:
- ABORTION IS NOT A SOLUTION. "We must listen, accompany and understand from the place where we are in order to save two lives. Respect the smaller, defenseless human being, and adopt measures that can save his life, allow his birth and be create in the search for paths that carry him to his full development".

- ASSUMPTION OF RESPONSIBILITY. "No one assumes responsibility for what needs to be done and for what has been done. It seems almost an unconscious game, the 'no one did it' has become, in the last analysis, a truth: perhaps we have truly managed to become and to feel ourselves to be 'no one'".

- GAY MARRIAGE. "We must not be naive: it is not about a simple political discussion, it is about purporting to destroy God's plan. It is not a simple legislative project - that is only the tool, or rather a move to father the lie, to confuse and fool God's children".
Daggers to the heart of modern liberal thinking.

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