Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obama Speaks Under Arafat Banner

Speaking to a "Palestinian" audience under a large banner honoring Yasser Arafat, Obama said that Palestinians deserve a state of their own. From the first article:

"Hope everyone saw presser. If not there, it was notable that Obama and Abbas spoke from under a banner bearing pictures of Arafat and Abbas. Also another big banner was hanging on wall nearby with Abbas kind of superimposed on Arafat," the White House pool reporter notes.

Arafat, as the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting has noted, "is known to many as the “father of modern terrorism.” Below is a timeline of some of the key events of his life and terrorist acts with which he was associated."
This is significant because appearances by the President are so carefully scripted. Remember, this is the same person who wanted religious symbols covered when he spoke at Georgetown University. (See here and here). He is, in effect, showing his support of, and solidarity with, Arafat--one of the greatest murders of the 20th Century. Why does Obama so readily support tin-pot dictators?

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