Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NY To Reverse Magazine Ban

Bowing to physical reality, New York will likely amend its newly enacted gun law to allow magazines of up to 10 rounds. Cuomo explains:
"There is no such thing as a seven-bullet magazine. That doesn't exist, so you really have no practical option," Cuomo said. He told reporters that any suggestion this will be a rollback of the law is "wholly without basis."
Cuomo said the state needs to allow the sale of handguns and rifles with 10-shot magazines, but New Yorkers will still be required to keep no more than seven bullets in them, except at shooting ranges and competitions. Violating the seven-bullet limit is a misdemeanor, but a violation if the magazine was in the owner's home.
He says the law is still enforceable. The law was the first gun control measure passed in the nation after the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., beating release of the Obama administration's proposal by a day.
Cuomo minimized the cleanup now needed in the bill as addressing "ambiguities" and "grammatical errors" and routine for complex measures. They include exempting police and their weapons and allowing Hollywood to continue to film violent movies and TV shows in New York using weapons outlawed under his measure.
In Cuomo's world, passing a law is like producing a stool sample--you have to pass it to know what is in it.

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