Friday, March 15, 2013

European Parliament Rejects U.K./E.U. Budget Deal

The enduring problem of taxation without representation. From the Daily Mail:
David Cameron’s hard-fought deal on the EU budget was dealt a blow by Liberal Democrat MEPs last night when they voted for the package to be renegotiated.

MEPs have overwhelmingly rejected the seven-year £ 787 billion pounds deal thrashed out by national leaders last month after marathon talks lasting 32 hours.

The package had cut the EU’s budget by 3.3 per cent from 2014 to 2020 and was hailed as a great success by the Prime Minister.

But yesterday WEDS the European parliament in Strasbourg passed a wrecking resolution was passed by 506 to 161 - including 12 Lib Dems.

Although they did not explicitly reject the 3.3 per cent cut agreed by the Council at its marathon Brussels summit last month, the vote does mean the deal has to be thrashed out again.

The European Parliament has demanded conditions such as the settling of unpaid bills for this year - which could mean a 12 per cent rise in national contributions, or an extra £1.7 billion for Britain.

MEPs have also demanded that they be allowed to shuffle money between different budgets allowing them to splurge even when they manage to make savings.

They also argued that the European Parliament should be able to review the budget, possibly raising its spending in 2017, rather than being tied to a seven- year ‘austerity deal’.

They even called for tax-raising powers which critics warned would lead to British families having to stump up for every pet project dreamed up by the European Parliament.

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