Saturday, March 2, 2013

Brazil Seeking to Construct First Nuclear Submarines

Drudge linked to this article at France 24 about Brazil seeking to build nuclear submarines. From the article:
Brazil is set to join the select group of countries that have nuclear-powered submarines, President Dilma Rousseff said Friday.
Rousseff stressed Brazil was committed to peace but also needed its defense deterrent, as she inaugurated a naval shipyard in Rio de Janeiro state where the country's first nuclear-powered sub is set to be built in partnership with France.

"We can say that with these installations we are entering the select club of countries with nuclear submarines: The United States, Russia, France, Britain and China," said Rousseff.
Nuclear submarines are larger and more expensive than diesel/electric submarines.  Their primary advantage is endurance--being able to remain at sea for a long period of time without refueling. Perhaps this is reasonable given the length of Brazil's coastline, but it suggests that Brazil may be interested in establishing a "blue water" navy capable of projecting power at longer distances.

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