Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Do Liberals Hate Poor People? (Updated)

One of the most curious facts about liberals and their ideas is that, over the long term (several years to several decades), they always cause the greatest harm to the poor. Is it an accident, or do liberals actually hate poor people? For most part, I think it is a bit of both. The liberal elite has an incredible disdain for commoners, but they want to be hip and pretend to care about the poor. So, as long as they can accumulate wealth and power, but make it sound like it is for the benefit of the poor (or saving the world), they are okay with it. It's not that they expressly want to harm the poor; it just that it doesn't matter to them that their schemes and plans harm the poor. Hypocrisy is okay.

Case in point is this article on how corn production to produce ethanol (to save the planet, you know) is causing people to starve.

Update: I had barely posted when I saw this article about Mayor Bloomberg wanting to cut prescription pain killers for poor people. Bloomberg has announced new restrictions on the dispensing of prescription pain killers at New York City public hospitals. From the article:
But some critics said that poor and uninsured patients sometimes used the emergency room as their primary source of medical care. The restrictions, they said, could deprive doctors in the public hospital system — whose mission it is to treat poor people — of the flexibility that they need to respond to patients.

“Here is my problem with legislative medicine,” said Dr. Alex Rosenau, president-elect of the American College of Emergency Physicians and senior vice chairman of emergency medicine at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Eastern Pennsylvania. “It prevents me from being a professional and using my judgment.”

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