Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nationwide Ammo Shortage Hits Police

CNS News reports:
Police departments nationwide are experiencing ammunition shortages, according to the online law enforcement resource,

Sgt. Chris Forrester of the Greer Police Department in South Carolina told local TV-news channel WSPA-7:

"It's never easy to get ammo, but since the tragedy in Connecticut, it's become even more difficult."

Forrester says the department began experiencing problems ordering ammunition a little less than a month ago. "You'll call and they say 'sorry we're out,' or 'it's on back order,'" he said.

... Jay Wallace, owner of Smyrna Police Distributors in Cobb County, Georgia ... said that some police departments could wait up to a year for bulk ammunition orders to be shipped.
Thank you, Mr. President (sarc.) At least DHS was planning ahead.

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