Friday, December 21, 2012


NBC Miami is reporting that a man is being held without bond for screaming and waving his arms at children.
A Broward judge ordered David Burch held without bond Thursday, saying he believed the 28-year-old man “intentionally terrorized” children at a Fort Lauderdale elementary school when he screamed and waved his arms at them.

Broward Circuit Judge John Hurley said he viewed Burch’s actions Wednesday near Bayview Elementary School against the backdrop of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting last week.

Twenty-two children ages 7 and 8 were playing kickball on the field just south of the school when Burch, who was wearing camouflage pants, “started screaming and jumping up and down,” Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Rick Rhodes said in court. “The physical education teacher had all the kids run back into the school for their safety.”

Hurley, reading from a police report, said the kids were playing when Burch approached the fence and began “screaming in a very aggressive manner. One of the teachers observed Burch create a high level of fear in the 22 children.”

Burch was later found by Rhodes in a wooded area near the school, Hurley added.
What they are describing isn't even a crime--certainly it wouldn't qualify as an assault. I suppose that it might fall into the "we don't like you but we can't think of anything to charge you with" crime commonly referred to as "disturbing the peace," but what warrants the failure to grant bail? Good thing he didn't yell at them to stay off his lawn...they might have shot him for that.

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