Sunday, December 9, 2012

Republicans Poised to Compromise with Obama

So surprise here, but part and parcel with Obama's strategy to weaken the Republicans. The Telegraph reports that senior Republicans are pressuring Boehner to accept a compromise with the President that would raise tax rates on "the wealthy," while perhaps allowing Republicans some room to work on "entitlements." As the saying goes, "stupid is as stupid does," and the Republicans have been acting extremely stupid lately.

First, lets look at what is going on here. Obama got Boehner to foolishly make a prior deal that would cause drastic cuts in spending coupled with increased taxes. Now that the election is over, he has Boehner over a barrel--agree to Obama's plan (and thus anger the Republican base) or raise taxes on the roughly 50% of the people that actually pay taxes (and thus anger the Republican base). Either way, the Republicans come out smelling like dog dirt to their base, while not winning over any so-called moderates.

Now the Republicans could have done something daring, like countering with their own proposal to cut to unpopular government agencies that are killing our economy (the EPA comes to mind), limiting copyright protections, while proposing tax increases on the liberal media. But since the Republican leadership would rather sleep with the enemy than support their base, none of this will happen.

The Republican leadership seems to believe that it is better to hold senior membership in the minority party than reduce the power of the federal government.

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