Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Word from the WSI and WHI

The Ulsterman Report has a couple posts today. The first, from the Wall Street Insider, says that if Romney is elected:
... I promise you this, we shall all begin to enjoy an era of economic growth and prosperity not seen in a generation. All of us both great and small will be included in this new and much needed Romney economy. It will be prosperity and opportunity combined with necessary responsible management that has been missing for far too long now. The beginnings of 2013 will see job creation no longer failing to even keep up with the needs of a growing population, but rather multiplying into hundreds of thousands of new jobs each month throughout that year. Regulations shall be lessened to ensure those who wish to participate in the challenge and risk of the American Small Business Dream finally have a real opportunity to do so. The banking industry will provide much of the platform capital for these opportunities, and it will be the people who than shall build upon that platform, as we all embrace that great blessing of opportunity that has always made America the greatest of nations. And when success comes to those who take up the challenge of that opportunity, they will be allowed to keep more of what they created, and will then in turn reinvest in that success, thus creating yet more jobs and more opportunities for all.
The second, from the Wall Street Insider, gives some final thoughts on the type of man Romney is, and thanks everyone for their support. Please read both.

Mr. Ulsterman, and the WSI and WHI have provided valuable work and insights on our behalf, of which I am very appreciative.

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