Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Fraud Roundup

The blog Twitchy has some reports of voter fraud, including people discovering that votes have already been cast in their name, or cases of multiple votes.

Philadelphia judges must be working overtime today. A mural of Obama in one Philadelphia precinct was ordered to be covered up today, but polling officials are only covering up the face. Also, as I had posted earlier, a judge's order was required to allow Republican observers into the precincts. (See also here).

Also, in Philadelphia, a woman in pink standing in the voting booth with people to "help" them vote for Obama; and the Black Panthers put in an appearance outside poll stations. (And in Ohio).

Commentary Magazine discusses how media outlets will order poll results to be changed by the pollsters.

In Chicago, an election judge was (and probably still is) wearing an Obama campaign hat.

In Florida, an Obama poster was hanging inside a polling station. Over in West Boca Raton, a woman wearing a shirt with "MIT" on it (Mass. Institute of Technology) was not allowed to vote. A "mistake" as to robocalls reminding people to vote may have misled some voters to believe that they had until Wednesday night to vote.

In Lansing, Mich., a registered Republican poll watcher was chased from a polling station by a man claiming to have a gun and badge ... and police refused to come and investigate. (See also here).

In California, the dead are still voting.

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