Thursday, November 22, 2012

More on the Fake EPA Mail Accounts

I had noted recently an article reporting on the EPA setting up email accounts for officials under fake names. Politico reports further on this issue:

EPA officials say the agency wasn’t trying to hide anything by giving Administrator Lisa Jackson a secondary email address to use when corresponding with other government officials.
But the name she chose to use — “Richard Windsor” — has triggered an inadvertent ruckus for an agency already under fire from conservatives.

The name came from that of a family dog when Jackson lived in East Windsor Township, N.J., an EPA official said Tuesday.
Except it didn't. The blog, Reboot Congress, has looked into this whole story in greater detail. However, as to the name Jackson chose, "Richard Windsor was a Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) enforcement attorney who, in 1997, began working for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)." An overzealous one, according to Reboot Congress. Read the whole thing.

(H/t Instapundit)

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