Saturday, November 24, 2012

MGM Spends $1M to Censor "Red Dawn"

The Daily Mail reports on how MGM has spent $1,000,000 to scrub all references and symbols of China from its remake of "Red Dawn." The original plot was that China invades the U.S. to resolve the debt crises by brute force. Now its been changed to North Korea invading. From the article:
In the remake, Thor alum Chris Hemsworth and his ragtag band of mature-looking teenaged relatives and friends lead an insurrection against the Chinese-turned North Korean occupiers who promise to bring economic salvation, but do so with an iron fist.   
The filming of Red Dawn was completed back in 2010, but was shelved for two years after declaring bankruptcy amid financing troubles coupled with a barrage of criticism from the Asian nation which happens to hold about $1.12trillion of U.S. debt. 
In an obvious effort to salvage ticket sales in China, which is the fifth largest movie market in the world that has been bringing American filmmakers $1.5billion in profit per year, MGM opted to swap the villains, casting North Koreans in the role of ruthless invaders.
While the Communist nation is notorious for its nuclear capabilities, Hollywood big wigs evidently figured that it is better to incur the wrath of the pariah of the Far East rather than alienate the region's economic juggernaut.   
To that end, the production company had reportedly spent $1million removing every reference to China from the film in post-production, from flags to soldiers’ insignia and propaganda posters on the walls, according to the Los Angeles Times.
While changing Chinese symbols into Korean ones was just a matter of a few  - albeit expensive - clicks of the keyboard, the choice of the new baddies raises some important questions: why and how would a nation of 24 million starving people cross the ocean to invade a nation of 313 million well-armed and well-fed Americans?
Actor C. Thomas Howell, who starred in the original Red Dawn, publicly mocked the swap in a recent interview with USA Today.
‘Quite frankly, we all know North Korea cannot afford to invade (itself).How is that going to happen?’ asked Howell. ‘That's already stupid in my book.’

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