Friday, November 23, 2012

Israeli Soldiers Kill Palestinian Man

The Associated Press (via Fox News) reports that groups of Palestinians rushed several areas of fences along the border between Gaza and Israel, and the soldiers were forced to open fire, killing one man. The incident, itself, is not that significant. What caught me was the blatant antisemitism displayed by the following comment:
Israeli troops fired Friday to push back Gaza crowds surging toward Israel's border fence with the Hamas-ruled territory, killing one Palestinian and wounding 19 in the first violence since a truce between Israel and Hamas took hold a day earlier.
(Underline added). However, as I noted yesterday, Hamas had continued to launch rockets at Israel after the "cease fire." So, today's shooting was not the first violence since the cease fire. Presumably, the AP reporter was aware of the continued rocket attacks (if not, he/she should be fired for incompetence), so the purpose of the statement probably was to inaccurately portray Israel as breaking the truce.

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