Thursday, November 15, 2012

Australia to Expand Laws Protecting Unborn Children

PREGNANT women who endanger their unborn child through drug or alcohol abuse could be forced to change their behaviour or have their baby taken away.

The state government will consider introducing new laws to crack down on deadbeat parents, with Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward warning that the community will not tolerate parents who do not protect their children.

A discussion paper detailing sweeping changes to child protection laws will be released next week, and will go to community consultation.

The government intends to introduce the relevant legislation to parliament next year.

The changes proposed include giving courts the power to force parents to go to rehabilitation - whether the child is born or not - and extending the period that troubled parents are monitored by community services from six months to a year.
So, the mother can abort (i.e., kill) an unborn baby, but can't use drug or alcohol. I thought liberals were all for "choice," but apparently there are limits. Or perhaps this is just a way to encourage a certain population to choose infanticide over having a child....

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