Friday, November 23, 2012

Attempted Coup in Sudan

All Africa is reporting on arrests of senior military and government officials in Sudan. First, this article reports:

The Sudan government has arrested at least 14 high ranked army and security officials and several civilians connected to the ruling party of president Omar Al Bashir for an allegedly coupe attempt.
Radio Dabanga reports on Thursday, 22 November, that tanks were roaming the Ebed Khatim-road south of the Kober-bridge in Khartoum where many top officers including the president and vice-president are residing.
It is the first time that internal clashes within the ruling Islamic movements erupted to the surface. The movement sidetracked the leader of the Islamic movement, Ali Osman Taha, the vice-president of Sudan.
He was replaced by Zubair Ahmed Hassan, a Minister of Economic Affairs. The government spokesman said in a public appearance today that the 'coup'-stagers took disadvantage from rumors about the 'health situation of President Omar Al Bashir'.
Amongst the arrested people are retired major general Salah Abdalla Gosh (former security chief), general Adil Altayeb of the Sudan Armed Forces and Brigadier-general 'Wad' Mohamed Ibrahim. He was in charge to protect the oil fields in Kordofan (Heglig), but it failed after the Southern army walked in easily occupying the oil-wells preventing it from exploration. Only this week the first oil started to flow again.
Another article reports:

Sudan's National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) announced this morning that they have foiled a plot to "destabilize security" led by unidentified opposition figures.
The brief statement carried around 5 a.m. local time by Sudanese Media Center (SMC) website, that is believed to be run by NISS, quoted a security source as saying that arrests were made that included civilian and military individuals.
The detained figures are undergoing interrogation as security measures are being undertaken, the report said.
Witnesses told Reuters they saw tanks and armored vehicles moving down a major street named Obeid Khitm in central Khartoum, the capital, around midnight. However, a Reuters reporter said security in the area appeared normal in the early morning.
It is not clear what the scope of the sabotage attempt was and the statement gave no indication that this was a coup attempt against the government of president Omer Hassan al-Bashir who ruled the country since 1989.
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