Sunday, October 21, 2012

Obama Campaign Accepting Foreign Donations...

... in violation of U.S. campaign laws. From the Daily Mail:
A British citizen has revealed that he was able to donate to Obama's re-election campaign proving that at least one illegal foreign contribution has been accepted and casting suspicion on where millions of dollars may have come from.

Chris Walker, who lives near London, made two $5 dollar donations to the President's campaign this month.

When he tried to donate to Mitt Romney's campaign, the donation was rejected on the grounds that Mr Walker is a foreign citizen.

. . . The latest report on foreign influences in American elections by the conservative Government Accountability Institute (GAI) has raised further questions over whether the Obama campaign has violated federal election law by allowing foreign credit card transactions on its website.

. . . It found that the third-party owned - which redirects users to an official Obama campaign donation page - has 68 percent foreign traffic, which would suggest a large amount of foreign traffic also heads to the Obama campaign donation page. The GAI found the site was was bought by an Obama bundler in Shanghai, China.

. . . it is registered to Robert Roche, an Illinois native who lives in Shanghai, and has developed strong commercial ties with the Chinese government. He has made 19 visits to the White House since 2009, including a personal meeting with Obama.

When Chinese president Hu Jintao was honored with a White House dinner, Roche got to sit at the table with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Senator and 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, and former President Jimmy Carter.

It is unclear whether Roche still controls, since he sold the domain to anonymous buyers in 2010.
 Real reporters would hound the Obama campaign about this issue, so don't expect anything but silence from the MSM.

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