Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Impressions on the Debate

Here are my impressions of the third debate between Romney and Obama last night:

(1)  I thought Romney started slow, but picked up momentum as he went along. It was clear to me that Romney is more comfortable discussing facts and supporting a position (as he probably learned through his executive career) than making vague, emotional arguments like the demagogue on the other side. He seemed to have a greater grasp of the political dynamics within and between the different nations (Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, etc.) than Obama.

(2) I wished Romney had been more aggressive in pointing out that Obama's foreign policy had been a complete disaster.

(3) Once again, Obama and the moderator engaged in tactics of using interruptions to try and break Romney's train of thought and/or momentum on particular issues. (The moderator even going so far as to flip his binder around in front of Romney during Romney's closing statement). Obama may not be exceptionally intelligent, but he is sly and devious.

(4) Glad to hear a definitive statement that Romney would be repealing Obamacare.

(5) Loved the moderator's Freudian slip: "Obama's bin Laden."

(6)  Again, pretty much everything that came out of Obama's mouth was a lie or deceptive, like trying to equate a pre-election trip to Israel with his post-election tour of the Middle-East.

(7) Obama's petty remarks concerning "bayonets" and "horses" may come back to haunt him since there are incidents where British troops have used bayonet charges successfully in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the SOF have used horses in Afghanistan. See also here and here and here.

(8) Finally, like the other debates, Obama seems stuck in 2008--his debate points, answers, and rhetoric all sound like they are coming from a challenger rather than an incumbent. All he discusses are the great things he will do if elected. It raises the question in my mind--and I'm sure, most viewers--of, if your plans were so great, why didn't you do them when you had a supermajority in the House and Senate?

The one thing I will commend Obama on was the attention he paid to the little boy (presumably a grandson of Romney's) just after the close of the debate. A spark of humanity I have not previously noted.

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