Friday, October 5, 2012

Morocco Takes Stand Against Infanticide

Morocco blocked a Dutch "abortion ship" from entering one of its harbours on Thursday during a campaign group's first attempt to visit to a Muslim country to raise awareness about safe methods of abortion.

The Women on Waves ship, which already has visited traditionally Roman Catholic countries Spain, Portugal and Ireland at the invitation of local women's groups, had planned to arrive at Smir, northern Morocco, but was denied entry.

"The harbor is totally blocked by warships so no one can get in, and there are a lot of police here," said Marlies Schellekens, a doctor from Women on Waves who had gone on shore.

"We're now working on an emergency plan but we have opened up our hotline so women can call for information about the abortion pill."

The group, which was invited to Morocco by rights group Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms (MALI), wants to spread awareness on land about the use of pills for a medical abortion and said it would carry out abortions aboard the ship in international waters.
It should be noted that the only reason the "Women on Waves" group would attempt to make port in Morocco--a Muslim country--is because it is one of the bright spots in the Muslim world, that currently appears to be making the successful transition into the modern world. Any other Muslim country would have seized the ship and arrested or killed the passengers.