Friday, October 19, 2012

More on the Suspicious Jobless Claims Report

Remember some stories from last week of a suspiciously convenient jobs report that apparently did not include jobless claims from one state. It was believed at that the time that California failed to report its data, which accusation was vehemently denied by Pam Harris, the head of California's Employment Development Department. The Daily Caller now reports:
Early Thursday, the federal government finally revealed that California had, in fact, under-reported jobless data, skewing the national jobless claims results. This week’s updated jobs report corrected the error and showed unemployment claims spiking back up by 46,000 to 388,000.

Moreover, Ms. Harris' boss, Marty Morgenstern, is an Obama campaign contributor:
According to campaign disclosure records, Morgenstern donated $4,600 — the maximum amount allowed by law — to the 2008 Obama camapaign, beginning with a $1,000 contribution to Obama for America in February 2008. Morgenstern followed up that donation with a $1,300 contribution in June, and then a $2,300 payout in early September.

On all three disclosures, Morgenstern indicated that he was either ”not employed” or “retired.”

According to the Sacramento Business Journal, however, Morgenstern was employed since 2003 as a consultant for the liberal University of California education system.
So, not only did Ms. Harris lie about not timely reporting data to the Labor Department, but she and her boss are both Democrats.

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