Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lies and More Lies--What Happened in Libya

Michael Walsh at the New York Post has a good article outlining the deceit and dissembling statements from the Obama administration concerning what happened in Libya. One thing that caught my eye was the following:
The truth is, al Qaeda has been reforming in North Africa since the start of the “Arab Spring,” and its adherents and sympathizers now hold prominent positions in such crucial nations as Egypt, where our embassy was also attacked last month. Further, al Qaeda elements were among the Benghazi-based rebels who (with Western assistance) toppled the former Libyan strongman, Moammar Khadafy and have plagued that nation’s new government ever since.

Further, Ambassador Stevens had every reason to fear for his life in the lightly guarded consulate, as his personal journal (found by CNN after the attacks) made explicit. At State Department insistence, there were no Marine guards present, although Stevens was accompanied by two former SEALs, who died with him.

And there have been reports that Stevens was involved in supervising a clandestine intelligence operation that was trying to locate and secure some of the deadlier weapons floating around the chaotic country in the wake of Khadafy’s overthrow.
The reason was that the White House Insider (at the Ulsterman Report) had recently suggested that Stevens may have been attempting to hide from the State Department because he was investigating shipment of arms to terrorists by the Administration similar to what happened with Fast and Furious. Obviously, this is just speculation and inuendo, but the coincidence is too good to completely overlook.

Anyway, read the whole article. It is a succinct explanation of the failure of Obama's Middle-East policy.

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