Friday, October 26, 2012

Expect Things to Get Worse

Most of the worst recessionary periods in the last several decades have been preceded or accompanied by oil shocks--dramatic jumps in petroleum products such as gasoline and fuel oil. So, what does Obama--who recently was bragging about how much oil production has increased under his administration--plan to do about this? Make things worse:
Carol Browner, Obama's former global warming czar now at the left-wing Center for American Progress, promised environmentalists on a September campaign conference call that the president has "a big to-do list for them" in a free-wheeling second term.

What's on that to-do list? Browner's not saying. And what's on the lame-duck to-do list if he loses?

Last week, Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., ranking member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, released a report titled "A Look Ahead to EPA Regulations for 2013." It reveals Obama's to-do list -- 13 specific job-killing Environmental Protection Agency regulations that have been quietly put on hold until after the election.

"To-do" means imposing harsh greenhouse gas regulations, banning hydraulic fracturing (fracking), taking federal control over all water, shutting down cement plants, "cleaning" gasoline to make it cost more, stopping farm dust -- and on and on, one economic bloodbath after another.

In 14 fact-filled pages, Inhofe's investigative staff goes into detail about why and how. A peculiar Obama insider quote struck me: "The only decision metric that matters for the next 14 months is, 'Will this help us get reelected?' If a regulatory decision is a liability, we should fully expect the administration to delay until Nov. 7" -- the day after the election.

I had the opportunity to ask Inhofe if he was certain of this. He told me, "There is no question, that if re-elected, President Obama will move forward with numerous EPA regulations that will destroy jobs and strangle economic growth."

But is Obama really that afraid to show his legislative agenda? The senator was emphatic: "Absolutely. He doesn't want the American people to know. He has told his friends on the far left to be silent until after the election, promising them that he will then have the flexibility he needs to impose his green agenda. Big Green gets it, and that is why they have fully endorsed Obama and his far-left agenda for the next four years."

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