Saturday, October 13, 2012

Evidence of a Preference Cascade in Favor of Romeny

Bill Quick has a couple posts (here and here) indicating that public opinion is dramatically shifting in support of Romney, and suggests that Romney may handedly win the election. The Associated Press reports (via the Daily Mail):
Romney's debate performance against President Barack Obama last week - and his energetic appearances following it up - have fueled a rise in enthusiasm on the campaign trail. Whether or not it will translate into votes, polls do suggest that Republicans are fired up.

. . . Romney's growing crowds come as new polls suggest he has erased Obama's advantage in voter support nationally. Races have tightened in a handful of battleground states, too.
When you read the whole AP article, it is a series of excuses for Obama, while arguing that he is still able to attract voters.

However, if Bill Quick is correct, and Obama is handedly defeated at the polls, expect protests and, possibly, riots from those who will contend that the election was stolen.

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