Thursday, October 18, 2012

Europe's Continued Descent Into Tyranny

Greeks staged more anti-austerity riots today, as well as another general strike. Says the Daily Mail:
Labour unions in recession-hit Greece are holding another general strike against the country's harsh austerity program, as European leaders beset by the debt crisis gather for a summit meeting in Brussels.

Today's strike - the 20th national stoppage since the debt crisis erupted two years ago - comes as EU leaders meet in Brussels.

It has closed down public services and severely hampered most forms of transport with even taxi drivers joining in for nine hours. Shopkeepers in Athens and other cities are also closing for the day.

It is the second general strike in less than a month.

The 24-hour shutdown has stopped all rail and ferry services, while a walkout by air traffic controllers is grounding flights for three hours.

Schools and tax offices are closed all day, state hospitals are functioning on emergency staffing and bank services are also disrupted.

Athens police are already dealing with rioting, as once again the protests have turned violent with masked anarchists fighting police.
The irony is rich--calling protesters wanting more government "anarchists." In fact, so-called anarchists are nothing more than tools for those groups and ideologies wanting more centralized control. To-wit:
The protests in Greece come as German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for stronger central powers to intervene when EU member states break budget rules.

Speaking ahead of a summit at Brussels, she rebuffed demands for the quick creation of a pan-European bank supervisor.

In a speech to the lower house of parliament, Mrs Merkel put herself on a collision course with French Socialist President Francois Hollande and others, who are reluctant to cede sovereignty over fiscal policy and want the European Central Bank (ECB) to get new watchdog powers by the end of the year.

Voicing support Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble's idea of a European 'currency commissioner', she said: 'We are of the opinion - and I speak for the whole German government on this - that we could go a step further by giving Europe real rights of intervention in national budgets.'

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