Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Building a Tesla Coil from a Nerf Gun

... well, perhaps a little more complicated than that. From Gizmodo:
Here's how Flickenger and Rusty Oliver of the HazardFactory made the gun Tesla coil-ready:
He made an aluminum version of the plastic toy. He gathered cans, scrap metal, and even a bicycle fender and melted it all down. Then he and Oliver created a cast of the Nerf gun out of sand and clay and poured in the molten aluminum. After it hardened, Flickenger milled excess metal from the interior using a CNC machine and cleaned up the edges with a rotary tool.
Flickenger, who taught himself the physics of high-voltage electricity, used a transformer from an old TV, a battery from a power drill and a fan from an old computer server for the Tesla coil portion. Check out the video below and see the science behind the Tesla Coil Nerf Gun at PopSci.

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