Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Wall Street Insider Comments on Obama's "Leadership"

Comments by the Wall Street Insider at the Ulsterman Report yesterday:
Many months ago I shared with you information pertaining to a growing rift between Israel and the Obama government. It was a rift born directly from the anti-Jewish policies of those closest to the false president. A manifestation of biases found deeply rooted in such figures as Valerie Jarrett, a figure our mutual friend has of course spoken of often and with such frightening accuracy. She, Iranian-born, who long ago embraced the patronage and radicalism of the Muslim Brotherhood, that institution who now controls Egypt, much of Libya, and intends to spread like an aggressive cancer across the Middle East. Even the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia is not safe within the confines of their collective trillions. They helped to create this monster, but as the story so often goes, the monster inevitably turns against its master. So it now is with the Muslim Brotherhood.

. . . Prime Minister Netanyahu, when last at the White House and during an extended period of private conversation with “Obama”, implored the president to be far more forceful in his public comments regarding the United States’ devotion to Israel’s safety and protection and its very right to exist. Netanyahu warned the president that his administration’s half-hearted gestures of friendship to Israel were in fact emboldening the more radicalized elements in the Middle East and thus endangering not only Israeli lives, but the lives of everyone in that part of the world. And then he also remarked this condition would further endanger American citizens within the United States as well, that the capitulation policies of the American government in the 1990s were instrumental in forming the attack of September 11th, 2001.

Obama’s reaction to these words were, “agitation followed by derision”. The president then leaned toward the Prime Minister and said:
“You have just as much blood on your hands as they do. They got a right to exist as well. Everybody does. And I don’t want this thing…this back and forth…you and them…I don’t want this turning into an election issue for me, right? I can’t be telling those people how to treat your country any more than you want me telling you how to treat them, right? You see where I’m at in this?

Don’t you turn this into something that might take away Jewish votes for me. That’s what you got going here – I know what you’re up to. Don’t do it. This thing…Iran…don’t try…don’t hurt me politically with it. You need us. We don’t need you.”

Now I must put that statement by Obama further into context to ensure you realize the stunning implications of what he was communicating to the Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu had spent considerable effort attempting to detail to the Obama what Israeli intelligence had gathered regarding Iran’s nuclear capabilities. He had also warned of the very real and serious threat of nuclear materials being handed over to terrorists both capable and willing of detonation in other parts of the world, including inside the United States. The Prime Minister indicated his own government was unwilling to take that risk, and was preparing to take very specific measures to try and ensure Iran was not given that option to do so. And to that Obama, this man so tragically elected president, to that he replied to Netanyahu to not make this an election issue for him? To not make it something that might take away Jewish votes from him?

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