Friday, September 28, 2012

The Bible--There is an App for That

Making the Bible accessible and shareable is what YouVersion’s Bible app is all about. About 300 versions of the Bible can be downloaded for free to smartphones and tablets, allowing people speaking 144 different languages to get their fix of Scripture.

“A lot of people in the U.S. have six or seven Bibles in the house and never use them,” says Bobby Gruenewald, 36, the man behind this mobile Christian mission. “Our goal was to help people engage with the Bible.”

If numbers are any indication, mission accomplished.

The app, also available at, has been downloaded 65 million times and counting, Gruenewald says. Users can highlight verses, do searches and read devotionals.

* * *

As of Thursday morning, a running tally on showed that since the app’s 2008 inception, users have spent more than 31.5 billion – yes, billion – minutes using it to read the Bible.
I would also remind readers that the LDS Church has an excellent app available for free called "Gospel Library" that allows you to read, search, make notes, mark, and link scriptures. (It's available through the App Store). You initially download the app, then separately (through the app) download the books or articles you want. Not only is the King James version of the Bible available (at least in English--I presume other versions in other languages), but you can also download (or not) other scriptures (Book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of Great Price), Church manuals, magazines, etc. To save space, I have only downloaded the Bible, BofM, D&C and Pearl of Great Price, and the current priesthood/relief society manual.

If you have access to a Wi-Fi or unlimited data plan, I would also mention that the audio for the scriptures is great if you just want to listen to them.  It is someone actually reading, instead of the computerized voice that the Kindle offers.

Anyway, even if you are not LDS, you can just download the KJV Bible. It is a great app for studying the Bible.

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