Sunday, August 5, 2012

The War on Christianity

The American Spectator has an article on the anti-Christian bias of the Obama Administration. 
Get out of the military, get out of major cities -- this is the voice of Obama's commissars from San Francisco to Boston in his war on the religious. He is building a secularist and socialist animal farm in which no higher power exists than the will of the new Napoleons.

Socialism and secularism overlap in Obama's political philosophy. He can see that religion is the natural rival of the state, an obstacle that must be destroyed or coopted if he is to succeed in his central planning. For the key to central planning is coerced universal participation. No one can be allowed to leave the animal farm. This is why, even though it makes little political sense, he will not expand the religious exemption beyond purely sectarian organizations. If he were to concede that the right to religious freedom trumps his invented right to "reproductive services," his animal farm would stall and collapse.

Even Americans who don't support organized religion should see that it serves as an important buffer to the overweening state, and that the extinction of freedom for those groups will one day imperil their own. When government replaces God, its pitilessness affects everyone.

On August 1, all employers, whether they realize it or not, became cogs in Obama's socialist and secularist machine. If they refuse to subsidize the sex lives of their employees, Obama can now bankrupt them through punitive fines. The fine is up to $100 per employee, per day, according to an estimate by the Congressional Research Service. The official position of Obama's Justice Department in defense of this fiat is that businessmen lose their religious liberty the moment they decide to open their doors to the public. Their money and their consciences belong to the government.
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