Saturday, July 14, 2012

Archaeologists Unearth Large Settlement Near Lake Ontario

Scientists have unearthed evidence of a 500-year-old settlement near Lake Ontario so cosmopolitan it has been branded the 'ancient New York City of Canada'.

The recently-discovered 'Mantle site' is thought to have had almost 2,000 inhabitants in a 'cosmopolitan' area in 1500 A.D. which was the size of Manhattan.

Archaeologists say pottery and art found at the site shows how inhabitants had 'unprecedented' trade with the Iroquois - the nations and tribes of indigenous North America.

But amazingly, the same groups also acquired European goods a full century before the first European explorers arrived in that region.

Despite its huge size, the giant site is thought to have remained undiscovered for so long because its longhouses were primarily made of wood.

Among the stunning finds made on the Mantle site are the earliest European goods ever found in the Great Lakes region of North America.

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