Monday, June 11, 2012

Italy May Be the Next Domino

A couple articles, both courtesy of the Drudge Report. 

First, from earlier today, an Italian bank, Banca Network Investimenti (BNI), took a "bank holiday."

Second, this story from the New York Times, which reports:
Concerns grew on Monday that Italy could be the next victim of Europe’s financial infection, leading nervous investors to sell Italian stocks and bonds and damping euphoria over a weekend deal to bail out Spain’s banks.

* * *

The main fear is that Italy cannot grow its way out of a recession fast enough to pay a mountainous national debt. Other concerns include the fact that Italy, with the third-largest euro zone economy after those of Germany and France, will have to shoulder a large portion of the bailout bill even as it grapples with its own sharp economic downturn.

Because Italy does not have enough economic growth to generate the money itself, the government will probably have to borrow it at high interest rates, adding to an already heavy debt load.

“There is a permanent risk of contagion,” Mr. Monti told an economics conference near Venice over the weekend, speaking by telephone. “That is why strengthening the euro zone is of collective interest.”
Notice the last line--that the only way out of this is handing power over to Euro Zone bureaucrats.

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