Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DEA Playing Election Year Politics? (Updated)

You may find this interesting. You may remember last week that Mexican authorities had announced the arrest of the son of "El Chapo," the leader of the Sinaloa cartel. Then it turned out that the detainee, Felix Beltran, wasn't the son, and the Mexican government blamed the American DEA for giving them false information.

Now, the detainees (Felix and his brother, Kevin Beltran) claim that the DEA tried to convince the two to admit that they were related to El Chapo until the election, after which they would be freed. From Borderland Beat:
Inside the offices of Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SIEDO) Personnel of the Drug Enforcement Administration Agency (DEA) offered the brothers Felix and Kevin Beltran, to accept the role of a relationship with Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera, leader of Sinaloa Cartel, and they would set them free after the elections, according to the lawyer Juan Heriberto Rangel Mendez, defense counselor of the two young men arrested by Marine/Army Secretariat (SEMAR) last Thursday in Zapopan, Jalisco.

The litigant said “the offering happened during Thursday night before the detainees gave their ministerial declaration. DEA approached them when we were not there to defend them.”

“First, they tell Felix to accept being son of El Chapo and that his situation could be resolved after the elections. They wanted him to sign the statements given by SIEDO. Then he told them that he was not going to sign anything, and fortunately he didn’t.”
“The DEA insisted: ‘Accept this, sign your statement and the we make the clarification that you are not the son’; then after he convinced them that he was not going to do it, they told him ‘we want you to blame the people that we tell you to and you are free right now”, but he didn’t agreed either, so says the attorney.

“Obviously, they couldn’t convinced him of anything, and Felix refers that another DEA agent appeared, a bald one, and asked him to turn around and to take his shirt off and then the agent added: ‘no he’s not it, Gordo, has a scare”. (Chapo’s son bears a scar)

How did you know it was a DEA agent?
Because they said that both agents were blonde, tall and they spoke English. Felix said that the words in Spanish were mispronounced and when Felix didn’t agreed they spoke between them in English.
I would note that the DEA is part of the Department of Justice, and therefore under Holder's authority. The DOJ sure has the appearance of being corrupt top to bottom.

Update: After re-reading this, I can't tell if they are discussing the U.S. election or an election in Mexico, so I decided to temper my comments. Nevertheless, even if it is the latter, why is the DEA involved in tampering in foreign elections?

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