Friday, June 1, 2012

Controversy Over Breast-Feeding in Uniform

This has been picked up by several media sources, including Fox News, the Washington Post. The interesting thing to me is that criticism isn't aimed the mothers participating in a photograph, but at the actual act of engaging in breast feeding, either by itself or while in uniform. I understand the some people object to breastfeeding in public on issues of modesty, and others are just elitists that hate anything that relates to humanity. What I don't understand is the uniform issue. They are not flags, they are uniforms--i.e., clothing that gets covered in mud, blood, dirt, and a lot worse. People wear them going to bathroom, when they sneeze or blow their nose, when they eat , and many other normal, day-to-day activities. If breastfeeding while in uniform is disrespecting the uniform, then so are these other activities. For those people--take it off before you visit the restroom.

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