Friday, May 11, 2012

Washington Post Made Up Romney Bullying Story

So the Washington Post published an article accusing Mitt Romney of being a "homophobic" bully to John Lauber. But it appears that the story is more fiction than fact. Big Journalism notes that one of the "witnesses" of the incident, Stu White--a friend of Romney--did not actually witness the incident, contrary to the Washington Post article. The Washington Post later changed the story, but did not acknowledge that it had been changed. But perhaps even more damning is this:
Christine Lauber, John Lauber’s sister, said that she didn’t know anything about the bullying incident. More importantly, she said that the story had factual inaccuracies. Betsy Lauber, another of John’s sisters, told ABC News, “The family of John Lauber is releasing a statement saying the portrayal of John is factually incorrect and we are aggrieved that he would be used to further a political agenda. There will be no more comments from the family.” Said Christine, “If he were alive today, he would be furious [about the story].” Jason Horowitz, the reporter on the Post story, did speak to both sisters and quoted them in the story – but apparently still botched the facts.
Even the lame-stream media has questioned the timing of this story, and whether it was coordinated with the White House and Obama's sudden change of heart on gay "marriage."  Journolist obviously still lives on in some form. (For more on Journolist, see here).

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