Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Wall Street Insider Warns of Economic Doom...

... if Obama is re-elected, and tough times even if not. He writes to the Ulsterman Report:
The fiscal obligations of the State, be it America, France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, the UK, etc., has not only reached, but actually surpassed critical mass at this point. By that I mean to say, hopefully in terms clearly understood by you and others, that there must now be an economic reckoning. That reckoning is no longer unavoidable and many among the SALT attendees are preparing for just that scenario. The only question that remains is how severe, how painful, will that reckoning be.

My own prognosis, based upon that already told to me, and that which my own lifetime of experience would indicate, suggests if Barack Obama is to win re-election in 2012, certain economic doom for every man, woman, and child in America will soon follow. It may not prove as jarring in the short term as what took place in 2008, but a gradual and seemingly never-ending decline that will sink every one of us deeper and deeper and deeper into the abyss. I am convinced China has in place a plan for this event, and has taken measures to help ensure its reality. Their own economic slowdown, already underway, is not a natural thing but rather a strictly coordinated event from within its own central planning regime. They are more than willing to undertake their own short term pain and even widespread chaos if necessary, so long as they emerge the dominant economic power of the world in the aftermath. I have spoken of this to you in prior conversations and have since had those fears confirmed by others who most certainly have the access to verify them. The only question then remaining is if this is being done without President Obama’s knowledge and understanding, or if is he in fact a willing agent of this global economic transformation that will leave the United States subservient to other nations and or some form of global governance? My more recently formed understanding leads me to the inevitable fact of the latter, and I am not alone in coming to this conclusion. Whispers of it are being sent out by participants at SALT, particularly from the Hedge side of the proverbial fence.

* * *

I told you recently I thought evil had come to the White House and to America. That was not the ramblings of an old sick man. I remain convinced of that belief. I know of evil. I have seen its wicked hand hiding behind the smiling false promise of Hope and Change as it rips away the futures of the innocent from the face of this earth.
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