Sunday, May 27, 2012

Obama's History of Drug Abuse

Of course, you won't see the story spun that way, but it is true. This is part of the report from the Daily Mail:
A new book that delves into Barack Obama's teenage years gives fresh insight into the president's marijuana-smoking days as a high school student in the 1970s.

It reveals how a teen Obama and his friends formed The Choom Gang - slang for smoking marijuana - in which he invented inhaling techniques and rode a car called the Choomwagon.

In the book, Barack Obama: The Story, biographer David Maraniss calls the future president 'Barry' and reveals he 'was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends'.

One was 'total absorption' or 'TA', the rules of which stated that if you exhaled early, 'you were assessed a penalty and your turn was skipped the next time the joint came around'.

Another idea was 'Roof Hits' - rolling up car windows to stop smoke blowing out and going to waste.

'When the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling,' Maraniss writes in the book, excerpted on Google Books and due out June 19.

'Wasting good bud smoke was not tolerated,' an old school friend told the author.And if that rule didn't give enough of an insight into how much Obama loved his marijuana, Maraniss goes on to reveal he was known for his 'interceptions' when a joint was being passed around.

'He often elbowed his way in, out of turn, shouted "intercepted", and took an extra hit,' he writes.

The anecdotes are from Obama's time studying at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii and Occidental College in Los Angeles.

It is not the first time the spotlight has fallen on his teenage use of marijuana. In his 1995 autobiography, Dreams from My Father, the president made the admission himself.

He wrote about some of his smoking haunts, including 'a white classmate’s sparkling new van', 'in the dorm room of some brother' and 'on the beach with a couple of Hawaiian kids'.

'Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it,' he adds in the memoir.

But Maraniss is quick to point out that Obama was surrounded with the drug in Hawaii - where a wide selection of varieties were on offer - and that 'Barry' did not fit the stereotype of a teen pot smoker.

'In fact, most members of the Choom Gang were decent students and athletes who went on to successful and productive lawyers, writers and businessmen,' he writes.
This doesn't describe a kid who had one or two puffs. Rather, this describes a spoiled rich (or, at least well-off) kid who regularly used drugs, and invented ways to get higher; and combined the drug use with drinking alcoholic beverages. In other words, the classic drug abuser.

Notably, the story also mentions that Obama wrote thanks in his yearbook to
"Tut [his grandmother], Gramps, Choom Gang, and Ray for all the good times." So who was "Ray"? "Ray, who dealt pot to the group and was known for his ability 'to score quality bud', was later killed by a 'scorned gay lover' armed with a hammer." I find the sexual orientation of Obama's drug dealer interesting, given the rumors of Obama's homosexual affairs.

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