Friday, April 20, 2012

Report: Chinese Indigenous Weapons Development

PDF here. From the Executive Summary:
China’s process of modernizing its armed forces has involved the development of indigenously designed weapons systems—some of which appeared to undergo a process of development, procurement,
and/or deployment that outpaced the estimates of U.S. and other foreign observers. This paper specifically focuses on four key weapons platforms that have been discussed as “surprise” developments to U.S. analysts:
- Type 039A/B/041 (Yuan‐class) diesel‐electric attack submarine
- SC‐19 anti‐satellite (ASAT) system
- Dongfeng‐21D (DF‐21D/CSS‐5) anti‐ship ballistic missile (ASBM)
- Jian‐20 (J‐20) stealth fighter aircraft

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