Thursday, April 26, 2012

Autistic Boy's Father Wonders Why Teacher Was Not Fired

Stuart Chaifetz, 44, put a wire on his son Akian, 10, and recorded staff in his class at Horace Mann Elementary School in Cherry Hill calling the child "a bastard," talking about vomiting that morning due to a hangover, and apparently teasing the child to the point where he had a "half-hour meltdown."

The school superintendent said Tuesday that staff who were heard acting inappropriately were no longer working in the district. At least one classroom aide reportedly lost her job.

But Chaifetz said the teacher, Kelly Altenburg, had been moved to another school. The district has refused to comment beyond the superintendent's statement.

"When did teachers become more important than children?" Chaifetz said.
According to the National Education Association (NEA) website, the NEA was formed in 1857.

The article further notes:
However, Steve Wollmer, communications director for the New Jersey Education Association, the state's largest teachers union, told that Altenburg "basically was exonerated" and said Chaifetz "doesn't perhaps understand exactly what happened there."

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