Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Police Corner French Shooting Suspect (Updated)

MSNBC is reporting that police have cornered the suspect behind the recent shooting of a rabbi and students at a Jewish school in France, and a separate shooting of French soldiers. Unsurprisingly, given his targets, the suspect is, or at least, claims to be, an Islamic terrorist.
A suspect wanted in connection with the killing three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school wounded three police officers in a shootout at a house in Toulouse, France, early Wednesday. He was identified as 24-year-old Mohammed Merah.

Interior Minister Claude Gueant said the man, who was under siege by hundreds of police officers in an ongoing standoff, claimed to be a member of al-Qaida and that he had shot dead the four out of "revenge for Palestinian children." He is also suspected by authorities of having killed three French soldiers of North African origin last week.
Update: Fox News is reporting that the suspect was preparing for another attack on French soldiers when the French police attempted the raid. Also, police are preparing to storm the building where the suspect is holed up.

Update: Live "blogging" by the Telegraph. Also, the suspect appears to have been arrested by the U.S. military in Afghanistan, where he was fighting with the Taliban, and sent home to France. Another victory for winning their hearts and minds.

Update: Fox News is reporting that the suspect was killed when police forced their way into his residence.

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