Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This Doesn't Sound Like the Science is Settled (Part 2)

Over the last couple months, it has been acknowledged that there has been no global warming over the past 10 years, and the glaciers in the Himalayas are not disappearing. In fact, the last few years have been nothing but bad news for the false religion (or mass delusion) of man-made global warming. So, for some more unsettling news: changes in the Earth's cloud layers may be helping with cooling.
Earth's clouds got a little lower by around one per cent a year on average during the first decade of this century.

That's the finding by a new NASA-funded university study based on satellite data. The results have potential implications for future global climate.
* * *
A consistent reduction in cloud height would allow Earth to cool more efficiently, reducing the surface temperature of the planet and potentially slowing the effects of global warming.

This may represent a ‘negative feedback’ mechanism - a change caused by global warming that works to counteract it.
So, the science is not even settled that we're doomed.

While we are at it, I would be remiss not to mention that Peter Gleick has confessed to obtaining documents from the Heartland Institute through deception, and that the key document allegedly obtained (an anonymous memo outlining a plan to, among other things, fight global warming indoctrination in schools) appears to be a fake. (H/t Instapundit).
One could go on, but that is more than enough. Let me be perfectly clear: I think it is obvious that Peter Gleick fabricated this document–the only one he posted that makes the Heartland Institute look bad–because the real ones he stole from Heartland didn’t serve his partisan purpose. Or, if he didn’t make it up himself, he got it from an ally who fabricated it. No knowledgeable person could mistake Gleick’s hoax for a legitimate top-secret Heartland memo.

So, Peter Gleick: if I am wrong, sue me. If I am right, apologize for fabricating a document and attempting to perpetrate a hoax, and retire from public life.
I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

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