Thursday, February 16, 2012

Harvard Scientists Create Pop-Up Micro-bots

Harvard scientists have invented a method of mass-producing robot insects - creating 'sheets' of tiny robot bees that pop up ready for action.

When activated, a 2.4 millimetre-tall robot insect 'pops up' out of the sheet. The scientists say they aim to create 'swarms' of independently flying robot insects.

The entire product is approximately the size of a U.S. quarter, and dozens of the microrobots could 'pop up' out of a single sheet.

* * *
The sheets consist of carbon fibre, plastic film, titanium brass and ceramic, laser cut into a sheet.They are assembled by robots and can be mass-produced rapidly.

The 18-layer structure incorporates flexible hinges that allow the three-dimensional product—just 2.4 millimeters tall—to assemble in one movement, like a pop-up book.
Photos and video at the link.

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