Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Building a Bean Stock

Japanese engineers are drawing up plans to put tourists into space within 40 years using a massive elevator that travels more than 22,000 miles into orbit.

If created, up to 30 passengers at a time would spend a week travelling a quarter of a way to the moon at speeds of 120mph.

At the end they would reach a space station where they could get an astronaut’s view of the Earth with little or no training beforehand.

Plans: An elevator, like this one shown in this artist's impression, could be made using carbon fibre that travels from the Earth to a station 22,000 miles into the orbit

There are also plans that could allow scientists to travel beyond this first station using carbon fibre ribbon that is anchored to our planet from a satellite in space.

The construction, which echoes the vision of British science fiction author Arthur C Clarke, is estimated to cost £6billion.

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